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IMG_0276 Daisy, Ruby & Elka hindquarters togetherIMG_0305 Ruby lying on backIMG_0329 Daisy & Elka in bedIMG_1280 Ruby on top of sofa 1800pxIMG_1316 Daisy, Elka & Ruby on sofa with Jenny 1800pxIMG_1437 Daisy, Elka & Ruby in new kitchen build 1800px07DL3278 Secret Garden Cottage pups sofa kitchen 1800px20161220_140136 Ruby in linen closet 1800pxDaisy, Elka and Ruby helping with the laundryDaisy, Elka and Ruby laundry 2Elka sleeping in laundry basketRuby, Elka and Daisy in green bedDaisy, Elka and Ruby in green bedDaisy, Ruby and Elka in green bed - montageDaisy, Ruby & Elka in bed before & afterDaisy, Ruby & Elka resting on on sofa chair_DSC0006 Elka sleeping laundry basket 1800px20161205_163719 Ruby with towel under desk 1800px20170613_081448 Daisy, Ruby & Elka in bed 1800px20170614_082845 Daisy, Ruby and Elka sitting up in bed 1800px

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