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_MG_1087 Luna & pups sepia 1800px_MG_1350 Chanel after bath 1800px_MG_1404 Koko staring down ball 1800px_MG_1408 Koko and ball 1800px_MG_1431 b&t pup lying grass 1800px_MG_1465 b&t pup sleeping grass 1800px_7D_1053 Chris with Paris & Suzie 2048px_7D_1114 Memphis & Priscilla in bed on lawn 2048px_7D_1156 11 Cavaliers at fence 2048px_7D_1186 Chris with Priscilla & Memphis 2048px_7D_1193 Vanessa & Suzie 2048px_7D_1228 Paris on chair at Edenridge 2048px_7D_1267 Jenny & Wispa 2048px_7D_1278 Wispa 2048px_7D_4453 Penny on pavers 2048px_DSC2373 7 week old Cavalier pups 2048px_DSC2382 8 x 7 week old Cavalier pups 2048px_DSC2391 Chris D holding Wesley and Vincent 2048px_DSC2397 Chris holding Dickon face to face 2048px_DSC2402 Chris holding Dickon 2048px

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